Congratulations! You’re officially engaged! This is such a special time in your life. Now that you have the ring what do you do?

We are here to help you get organized get you started on this next step in your life!!!!

  1. Call family and friends let them know about this incredible moment!  Some/ most of them probably already know but it is still exciting to let them know yourself!
  2. Think long and hard about the people in your life. The ones who have really been there for you and the ones you want to have standing with you on your big day. These include bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, ushers.



4. Think about your wedding, where do you see yourself getting married. Most girls already have an image in mind of what they want there wedding to look like, now you just have to find the venue that best fits your image. Where the ceremony will be? And whether it will be a cocktail party or full-seated reception? Will it be a destination wedding? Do you have a big wedding party or are you thinking more intimate? A rustic wedding or a garden wedding?

5. Start with a budget, figure out how much parents or family would chip in and how much you can afford to put in yourself.

6. Start your wedding guest list!

7. Think about the season that you would want to have your wedding and keep in mind most venues have a high season and a low season for weddings? So if you are trying to stay on a budget go with the low season, still come with all the perks just at a lower rates. The low season we have here is January, February, July, August & December.

8. Now that you have in mind what month you want to get married and what kind of venue you want to get married at, time to research the venues around the area. And find the one that has your date available and has the things you want in a venue.

9. Go make a Pinterest account and start looking up ideas. Pull out a bridal magazine and start cutting out things that you like.

10. Time to start planning more in depth!!! This is when the fun begins!!!

Congratulations from the team at The Gardens of Cranesbury View!!!!

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