Finding the perfect ring!

Engagement season is right around the corner, and we know there are quite a few of you looking for advice on how to pick the perfect ring for your future fiancé! Here are a few ways to make this process easy and painless for you as long as you know your partner or at least his or her Pinterest account.

It is very difficult to find the perfect ring setting when there are so many different options to pick from. Some things to think about. Does your partner wear big luxurious jewelry on the daily basis or do they wear simple jewelry if any at all? If you are thinking luxurious then they most likely prefer a ring with diamond accents and possibly a halo around it as well, if you are thinking simple then they may love an elegant single diamond solitaire. Once again if you are not sure check there Pinterest! Or even talk to the sister or best friends if you are close with them to figure out which is the best option to start with.

When picking the perfect diamond remember the 4 C’s:

Cut: The most important of the 4Cs is Cut because it has the greatest influence on a diamond’s sparkle

Color: The second most important of the 4Cs is Color, which refers to a diamond’s lack of color. The less color, the higher the grade.

Clarity: Often the least important of the 4Cs because the tiny imperfections are often microscopic.

Carat: The term Carat actually refers to the diamond’s total weight and not its size.

Quality and size both carry weight when purchasing a diamond. Rule of thumb: choose a diamond with the highest quality and weight that fits your budget.

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